Math teacher and students provide Thanksgiving dinner to families in need

Meraly Choven, Staff Writer

Ms. Beatriz Arauz, math teacher, organized a Thanksgiving volunteer project that took place at Myrtle Grove Elementary on Tuesday, November 25.

“I have been doing this since I started teaching,” said Arauz, responding to a question of her experience.

She has been teaching for 15 years. Using donations and sponsors, Arauz provides catered traditional Thanksgiving food, such as turkey and mashed potatoes, to families in need. The families are identified by the local YMCA, whom Arauz works with to organize the yearly event. Students serve the food.

Mrs. Arauz enjoys doing this event every year. “There’s always someone out there who needs help,” stated Mrs. Arauz, “It also shows students how other people are going through difficult times.”

There were about 30 volunteers at the event including teachers and students.

“It was a great cause and we were able to interact with these amazing families,” said Ashley Zuniga, a freshman at MLA.


Athletic Trainers

Alejandro Castillo and Kelly Soles
Staff Writer, Editor-in-Chief

Mater Lakes High School would like to present their new athletic trainers – Nick and Chris Wydra and Ron Piel.

Nick has been a Miramar Firefighter for 10 years and was recently promoted to Lieutenant. This is his second year teaching the Emergency Medical Responders (EMR) and Health Science class at MLA. He also attends every school home game any time he is not on duty at work.

Chris Wydra has been a Hialeah Firefighter for seven years. This is also his second year teaching the EMR and Health Science classes alongside Nick Wydra. He is also a trainer at Mater Lakes. The Wydra brothers and Ron Piel alternate teaching their classes because of their 24 hour shifts twice a week.

Ron Piel is a rookie teacher at Mater Lakes but has been a Miramar Firefighter for 14 years. He is a Lieutenant, along with Nick Wydra. When neither Wydra brother can attend a game, Piel fills in.

The trio are the first athletic trainers Mater Lakes has had.

Their duty as athletic trainers is to attend to any types of injuries or medical conditions that may occur during a game. Many times they deal with injuries such as sprained ankles.

Ron Piel shares, “I ask the coaches from our school teams and the opposing team if any players have any medical conditions so I can keep an eye out especially for them.”

If you attend any of the MLA varsity home games, you will see them in action.

Mater Lakes hosts a fourth annual holiday show

Meraly Choven, Staff Writer

Mater Lakes Academy’s 4th annual holiday show took place on December 5th at 7:30 p.m. and consisted of 12 dances and four songs, all performed by MLA students.


Approximately 500 people attended the school’s holiday show! The money earned from the tickets were used for the 2015 Spring Concert.


In MLA’s spectacular christmas performance, a total of 230 students participated in the holiday show. The song performers include Amanda de Amas and Ashley Gounthman who sang ‘’Hallelujah,’’ Vanessa Wong sang ‘’Winter Wonderland,’’ Mecerdes Ferrea Diaz sang ‘’Last Christmas,’’ and Janelle Lopez sang ‘’Silent Night.’’


MLA dance teacher Jennifer Dabalsa choreographed most of the dance routines. In addition, Activities Director Melissa Stonestreet helped organize the show. She did students’ make up and hosted the event.


‘’It took us three months,’’ was Dabalsa’s response when asked how long it took to organize the show. She added, ‘’I’m happy with the outcome; everyone did very well.’’

Senior Samantha Rubio said, ‘’I thought it was pretty good. It gets better every year.’’

Band Concert

Adriana Rodriguez, Editor

Mater Lakes Academy music teacher Sterling Jones hosted a band concert on Wednesday, December 17 at 11:20 a.m., with his new music assistant Mr. Barrera.

The school band consisted of flutes, clarinets, trumpets, trombones, bass guitar, and percussion. Tunes that were played among different sets of instruments included ‘’Rock this band’’ by alto sax and tenor sax, ‘’Long long ago’’ by four clarinets, ‘’Lightly row’’ by four flutes,’’ and nine complete songs that involved the whole band, like ‘’Mary had a little lamb’’ and ‘’Another one bites the dust.’’

The audience was even involved in the performance when they had to clap and stomp to the band’s performance of ‘’We will rock you.’’

Jones had been working on the show since November. With experience of band since middle school 1991, Jones devoted himself to music, eventually appearing as a music teacher in MLA.

He reveals that he did have troubles with preparation including constant encouragement for practice for his students, consistent quizzes and tests, and homework completion.

In the end, he believed they succeeded. ‘’I’m very proud of them,’’ he said. He also says his favorite quote by George Halas; ‘’No one who ever gave their best regretted it.’’

Junior Anthony Riley said, ‘’I thought it was good for the first time.’’

Spirit Week

Kelly Soles, Editor-In-Chief

Throughout the week of November 17th-21st, Mater Lakes had its annual Spirit Week leading up to the Homecoming dance!

The entire week of Spirit Week was correlated with Disney themes.

On Monday the 17th, the theme was Ohana Day. Students came dressed in Hawaiian attire or dressed like the characters from the Disney movie and show, Lilo and Stitch.

On Tuesday the 18th, the theme was Princess vs. Pirates; students dressed like Disney princesses or in Pirate clothes.

On Wednesday the 19th, the theme was supposed to be Disney Villain day but due to excessive students coming dressed out of uniform and not in theme with each day, it was cancelled.

The cancellation was lifted on Thursday the 20th for Mickey and Friends day! Paired with a school spirit shirt and jeans, students wore all types of Disney themed ears! The Homecoming pep-rally also took place on Thursday! The winner of the Hallway decoration contest was announced at the pep rally. The winner was the Class of 2015’s “Circus” themed hallway. This will also be the theme for Class of 2015’s Prom. Congratulations Class of 2015!

The Homecoming dance theme for the 2014-2015 school year was Arabian Nights. Thus, on Friday the 21st, the last theme was Aladdin! Students came dressed up in colorful outfits and Aladdin themed shirts or even tried to recreate some of the characters costumes!

The Homecoming dance was held on November 21st, 2014 at the Double Tree Hotel.


Get to know our school mascot

After eight years, the school has finally hired a mascot, who the student body met at the first pep-rally of the year. The waves of happiness and amazement that rolled off the students prompted the Paw Print to write a piece about our newest den member.

Q: What made you want to leave your wild habitat to come to MLA and work as our mascot?

A: Well, uh, the wild just wasn’t doing it for me anymore. I felt like I needed something new… something fresh that I could really sink my teeth into.

Q: You met our students at the first pep-rally. What did you think of them?

A: I really felt like I was one with the students. I felt the vibes of energy just coming off of them and I had to remind myself that they’re students… not dinner.

Q: What do you think of our principal Mr. Rovirosa?

A: He seems like a cool dude, but I feel like we’re going to have a tug-of-war because of authority issues. Because he’s the alpha of the school, but so am I.

Q: What’s the best part about living in human society?

A: Well, in my opinion, the cooked food. It really shows how much I was missing out on, in the wild. #smokedsalmon

Q: Where do you currently live?

A: Uh, since most people would be too freaked out to live next door to a bear, I currently live at Amelia Earhart Park. I just keep it on the down low.

Q: What’s the best part about being our mascot?

Alessandra Ginoris, Social Media Director

A: I feel like I have a family, like I’m not a wild beast… at least not always.

Q: Is there anything you miss about the wild?

A: That’s not a serious question, right?

Q: Do you like the MLA faculty and staff?

A: Yes! They’re the only people that aren’t terrified of me. And that’s a first.

Q: Well, it’s also a first to hire a bear to be the school mascot. Who else does that?

A: Only you guys, only you guys.

Q: What do you think your future holds after MLA?

A: Honestly, I hope I stay at MLA for a long time. This school has already impacted my life so positively and it makes me sad to even think about leaving this place. I’m in it for the long run.


Humans of MLA

Andrea Ruiz, Staff Writer

Aileen Gonzalez, Tenth Grade
“I’m grateful for my family, food, and shelter. Without my family, I would be lonely and without food or shelter, I would probably be dead.”

photo (2)

Paola Ocampo, Eleventh Grade
“Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve always wanted to be a veterinarian. I just have a passion for animals and would love to work with them in the future.”


Jackie Lopez, Eleventh Grade
“Something I hope to accomplish before I graduate is to create a high school experience I’ll never forget. Be in after-school activities, go on field trips with my friends, and make bonds that’ll last throughout college. I want to be involved as much as possible, do things that I can look back at and be able to honestly say it was a high school experience I wouldn’t trade.

photo (3)