El Pep Rally

Victoria Cosculluela

Staff Writer

Mater Lakes Academy held their annual Hispanic Heritage Pep Rally on October 2nd, 2015 at the school’s basketball court.

Senior Class President, Elizabeth Ruiz, announced that this year will be Principal Rene Rovirosa’s tenth year anniversary at Mater Lakes Academy. The crowd followed Ruiz enthusiastically as she chanted “Rovi.”

Mater Lakes Academy’s very own Grrlettes dance team, coached by Jennifer Dabalsa, delivered a fiery performance to a variety of Spanish music. Spanish teacher Ibis Sardiñas had her dancers perform a cultural piece, “La Gozadera,” led by junior Fabien Rodriguez. Hispanic flags were held up with pride as the performances ensued.



MLA Students Receive Their CDAs

KidsHandPrintsWeb kid_row

Carolyn Pardilla           

Staff Writer / News Columnist

Thirty teenage students from Mater Lakes have earned their Child Development Associate (CDA) credentials via the Early Childhood elective.

To enroll in the Early Childhood elective, students can speak to Mrs. Mansfield or their counselor. To receive CDA certification, students must be a part of the program for four years.

Benefits of the CDA include job opportunities such as babysitting and preschools teachers / assistants.

Early Childhood students assist in teaching and caring for young children in MLA’s very own daycare. They read to, play with, and supervise them in a hands-on environment.

MLA’s Exceptional AP Passing Rates


By Eduardo Martinez

Staff Writer

Nearly sixty-eight percent of students who took Advance Placement (AP) exams passed last school year, according to school administration.

Assistant Principal George Groezinger said, “For the past five years, the Advance Placement passing rate has grown by an average of five percent per year.”

Some of the courses offered last year included literature, calculus, chemistry, biology, physics, European and American History, art, and various foreign languages.
This year, about 33% of students at Mater Lakes are enrolled in AP courses.
Groezinger, who seems confident that the passing rate will further improve, said “We would like to continue that 5% trend and see a 73% passing rate this school year.”

MLA Students attend Princeton for the summer

By Andrea Namen

Staff Writer

Two MLA seniors had the opportunity of a lifetime this summer when they attended Princeton University with other students from across the country to partake in the Leadership Enterprise for a Diverse America program.

Garry Archbold, who is from San Andres, and Kevin Perez, who is Colombian, were two of 100 high school students selected nationwide for this prestigious program held over seven weeks at the Princeton campus in New Jersey. Minority students with the potential to be admitted to Ivy League schools are selected and over the course of the summer they are coached to increase the chances of them gaining admission into top schools.

“The amount of work was overwhelming,” said Archbold. “I only had time to call my mom every two weeks.”

Work included SAT/ ACT preparation and various workshops on topics such as leadership, writing a college essay and team-building. Classes were taught by graduate students from schools like Columbia University, but the program wasn’t all work.

“Garry and I had the opportunity to interact with a diverse group of low-income or disadvantaged students, live with them, and experience what college would be like,” said Perez.

On Saturdays, the students went on fieldtrips to nearby universities including Georgetown, University of Pennsylvania, Columbia, Swarthmore, Yale and Johns Hopkins. Also during community building activities, participants got to showcase their talents and perform spoken work, rap or lip synch.

Overall, Archbold said it was a worthwhile experience where he experienced “astronomical growth.”

“You meet amazing people. You understand that there’s a bigger world out there, outside of South Florida,” said Archbold.

Ice Bar & Fire Lounge


By Nathalie Quiles

Staff Writer

Come chill out at Miami’s first ever ice bar and fire lounge, a unique social experience complete with inventive mixology.

Miami’s fire and ice bar is filled with exotic crystals from around the world. The fire lounge is adorned with landscape photography, while the ice bar homes inspirational quotes hung all around the walls.

For ages nineteen and under, the Ice Bar and Fire Lounge is open until 7:00 P.M.



1672 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, FL, 33139

Hours of operation:

Sunday-Thursday: 4:00pm- 2:00am

Friday- Saturday: 2:00pm-5:00am

MLA Offers Free SAT Tutoring


By Jesse Vera

Staff Writer & Advice Columnist

Sponsored by the 21st Century program, Mater Lakes Academy is now offering SAT tutoring after school to students selected based on their potential to earn a Bright Futures Scholarship.

Participating tutors include English teacher, Zahilys Aleman, and math teachers Giovanni Lorenzo and Renauld Paul.

Senior Natalie Saborio, a student currently in the tutoring program, said, “Staying after school is a sacrifice I have to make, but I think it’ll be worth it in the end.”

Mock Trials


By Yovany Boada

Staff Writer

Sponsored and coached by Law Studies and Comprehensive Law Teacher Rene Medina, the Law Society Club is a group who is interested in learning more about our legal system. The group is meant to promote an understanding and awareness of legal concepts that students find interesting.

Thanks to an interested student, Medina was presented with the idea of making a team and attending a Mock Trials Competition. A Mock Trial is a competition in which 20 schools from various parts of Miami-Dade County compete in a simulated court case. He has since then made it an official club at Mater Lakes Academy.

The major competition this year will be hosted in the James L. Knight Center. If the team makes it to the top four, they will be eligible to advance to the Regional competition and if successful, proceed to the state competition.

“I feel that we have a great mix of students that are extremely intelligent, ambitious, and very excited at the opportunity of advancing past the first stage and I am extremely optimistic that we have a great chance of doing so.” Medina is still welcoming any interested students to check out the club. He is available after school in room 430 and can be contacted at his email which is available through the Mater Lakes website. Let’s give the Law Society Club our support for their upcoming events and competitions!