Road to Districts for Girls’ Soccer


Coach Morazan giving the team a speech before the game.

By Maria Horna
Staff Writer

As the Mater Lakes Academy soccer season kicks off, the girls team is already enjoying success. With soccer already being a competitive sport, the girls’ soccer team must continue on the path of a winning season to ultimately win districts.

This year’s coaches include Coach Alexandra Morazon, who is also an English teacher, Coach Oscar Prieto, who has been coaching the soccer team for three years now, and coach DJ Suarez, who was recently added to the team.

Senior and active member of the Mater Lakes soccer team since 8th grade, Victoria Garcia explains, “Although it is really quite competitive and a lot of hard work, I have always had a drive to play. The feeling I get on the field is insane. It is the place where all my problems seem to disappear.”

Many girls on the team express the same goal, which is to get to districts and win. As captain and goalie of the girls’ soccer team, junior Veronica Gonzalez expresses, “My goal for the team is to win districts and strive as a player and a leader.”

In addition to Gonzalez, junior Alexa Villamizar adds, “My goal for the team this year is to make it to districts and finally win the title of district champs, after losing to Ransom Everglades at the finals for two years straight.”

The team trains every day with experienced coaches from 3-4:30pm to get faster and better at every skill possible. The commitment and dedication they put forward is the one that they hope will lead them to their winning season.


Basketball forms fan club: Bears 100

Coach Juan Urbina

By Carolyn Pardilla
Staff Writer

As you have hopefully already heard by now, Mater Lakes basketball team has created the Bears 100 Club, which is a fan club sponsored by coach Juan Urbina and geometry teacher Rogelio Franco. It is open to all students interested in going to basketball games and supporting the team.

To join the club, hopeful members will need to pay a $20-dollar fee at the beginning of the year and a $20-dollar fee at the end. This fee includes a customized jersey with a special number and name on the back, plus the chance to come to basketball practices. Members will be have meetings with coach Urbina, who will share insight on team progress, and it will also give members the chance to attend all the home games, plus three big away games.

Sophomore Karina Marino explained, “A good reason to join Bears 100 is simply because of the fact that you will get the chance to watch the basketball team with your friends and be able to get a ride there without worrying about anything.”

When questioned about the overall reason for starting the club, Urbina said, “What was happening was that kids were riding their bikes, freshman kids, six of them rode bikes, and two girls caught the city bus to go to the game.”

Bears 100 Club will also give the members opportunities to receive community service hours, feed the homeless, and much more. Senior Maria Mendez expresses, “I think the Bears 100 Club could be a fun way to express school spirit and get more students involved in extracurricular activities and sports.”

For further information, visit coach Urbina on the P.E. court or Mr. Franco in Room 222.

“Please join us, this is going to be an extremely fun and exciting club to be a part of,” said Urbina.

Bears dominate the mat


wrestling 3 (merna mos).jpg

Two wrestlers running a drill together during practice.

By Rafael Llamas
Sports Editor

As the wrestling team embarked on their season during December, we got to see how a true family of athletes dominate the mat. Our Mater Lakes wrestling team has grown tremendously over the years, and has proven to be one of the most successful sports our school has to offer. But such great accomplishments wouldn’t be part of the team’s history without a great and hardworking team.

“The wrestling team is stacked with talented veterans, and rookies with high potential. We are capable of achieving more than we’ve ever done before. The best part is that everyone will comeback next year because there are no seniors on the team,” states junior and long time member of the team Steven Altamirano.

But a team wouldn’t be complete without their coach. The head of the wrestling team, our very own Brandon Neifield, who has seemed to create a family.

“First of all it’s not even a team, this is like brotherhood. We are more than just a team – we are a family. We motivate each other to be the best we can and go beyond our limits,” said junior Haniel Suris when asked what makes his team different from others. The Bears will continue their journey in upcoming tournaments such as the Alonzo Mourning Duals which will take place on January 25th.

The team hopes to make it further than ever before, always striving for the best is what our Bears wrestling team is about.





Science teacher brings creativity to class

Kemper .JPG
Picture of Ms.Kemper

By Natalie Martinez
Staff Writer

Elizabeth Kemper, also known as the innovative teacher in room 340, brings new and inventive ways of looking at science, hoping to forever impact her students.

Kemper’s teaching style is fun, creative, entertaining and interactive, and this is evident as you walk into her classroom. She has tiny little butterflies coming out of a book against the wall, and right outside the door she has a decorative frame with a big letter K next to her desk. She also has a seahorse, a starfish and other similar items pressed against the wall, as well as human anatomy posters. Her creativity is also displayed in through her unique curtains made out of old fabric and last year’s calendars.

She began teaching biology at Mater Lakes Academy in 2015. She has been teaching for 13 years. Currently, Kemper teaches 8th, 9th and 10th grade. She stated, “I enjoy teaching 8 th grade the most because they just seem a little more eager to learn.”

Kemper believes that a great way for students to learn is by using hands-on activities in class. “I feel like my goal of teaching is to install a love for science because I want to promote students to take care of themselves and the planet,” she said.

Kemper graduated from the University of Texas earning a bachelor’s degree in biology. She describes her college years as “a good experience, a lot of work, frustrating, yet well worth it.” When Kemper decided she wanted to be a biology teacher there was another profession on her mind. Kemper also explored nursing, but teaching called her. She explained how she has always wanted to help people.

Besides loving her job, Kemper has some dislikes about teaching, “All the grading is time-consuming and it sometimes frustrates me,” she said Kemper. There was also the topic of evolution that Kemper slightly dislikes because she believes it is often boring to teach

Freshman Amanda Milian said, “Ms. Kemper is a very creative and fun teacher. She makes biology fun to learn. I never liked science but now I do because of Ms. Kemper.” She likes how her class is very hands-on and that she is always learning.

Another one of Kemper’s students, an 8th grader named Kayla Meyzen said, “Ms. Kemper is creative, innovative and caring. She has interesting methods of teaching like using online games to help productivity.” She enjoys how Kemper always has fun labs set up.

On a personal level, some interesting details about Kemper is that she has a starfish tattoo on her left shoulder that symbolizes her and her four sisters. The starfish on her arm has five appendages that connect the five sisters. This lets her know that they will always be together and that they can count on each other. Along with being a teacher, Kemper is a mom to two daughters. Her eldest daughter, freshman Madison Kemper said, “At home my mom is awesome. She is very caring, loving, kind and creative. She is very helpful when it comes to studying and answering questions for assignments that are not for her class.”

In order to be a good teacher Kemper believes that you must have patience, creativity, knowledge of the subject and lastly that you shouldn’t be intimidating because then students will be afraid to ask you questions.

After all the comments students made about Kemper you can confirm as Jim Henson once said, “Kids don’t remember what you try to teach them. They remember what you are.”


Homecoming Spirit Week Pep Rally

Photo Credit: Tiffany Carrazana
Senior Jeremy Martinez doing a backflip

By Alexandra Menendez
Staff Writer

On November 17th, Mater Lakes Academy held its annual Homecoming Pep Rally.

After a week of odd outfits to fit themes such as “‘’Merica Monday,” “Squad Goals Tuesday,” and “Weather Wednesday,” each grade level was given a specific color to represent their grade at the pep rally.

Walking onto the courts the divide in colors was clear: freshman wore orange, sophomores wore white, juniors wore navy, and finally seniors wore black, but everyone came together to have a good time.

The event kicked off with a performance by the Middle School Junior Varsity Cheerleading team and was followed by the band performance, which featured “All About that Bass” by Megan Trainor, “Uptown Funk” by Bruno Mars, and “Happy” by Pharrell Williams

Freshman Sarah Estime said, “The Pep Rally was really interesting; the cheerleading stunts were impressive and the music was good.” The pep rally continued with an dance routine by the Grrlets Dance Team.

Freshman Madison Kemper, a Grrlets dancer, said that the dance, “was so much fun because everyone was able to enjoy themselves.”

To many, the pep rallies inspire MLA Bears to let loose and have fun while doing what they love, whether it’s enjoying the music, dancing, playing an instrument, or just hanging out with friends.


After a breakup should you unfollow your ex?

By Emily Mesa
Advice Columnist

Let’s be real, most of the time relationships don’t end well and the last thing a couple wants is to follow each other on social media. Like I’ve discussed before, social media is a big part of our lives. Often, what we do is on impulse. We continuously post the smallest details of our lives on social media. So, when a couple breaks up in today’s society, it seems to become everyone’s business.

I recommend laying off social media after a breakup because nothing good ever comes from staying friends with your ex. It’s best for you to just unfollow them. Both of you tend to be upset and sad about what happened, so that leaves room for a lot of trash talk about one another.

One of my close friends went through this and trust me, she learned a thing or two from this experience. She had recently left a bad relationship and her ex started to fight about why they broke up. It was a never ending cycle of blaming each other.

But as things often do, it got worse. After going on Twitter and “subtweeting” about each other it caused not only drama between the two of them, but also their friends. They all started taking sides and making it worse for the both of them.

You could avoid a mess like this if you simply just unfollow each other and discuss your issues off social media.

I think that the main reason and best reason to unfollow your ex after a breakup is to help forget about them by removing them from your mind and off your feed. Unfollowing your ex from social media may help you have a fresh start and feel at ease.

There are some benefits to unfollowing your ex including not constantly checking their page to see what they’re posting just to get sad or mad about what they’re doing.

Save yourself from all the drama and make the breakup easier on both of you and just unfollow and forget.

Drunk Truck pays a visit to MLA


Photo Credit: Victoria Gayarre- A student wearing the drunk goggles tries to walk in a straight line

By Melany Freytes
Features Editor

This is the third consecutive year in a row that MLA’s SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions) Club has hosted an in-school event called the Drunk Truck, in which students in grades 6th to 12th have the chance to learn about the dangers of drugs and alcohol.

First, the students are shown a short video on the detrimental effects of drugs and alcohol. Then they were given Drunk Goggles to simulate being under the influence by distorting the user’s vision. Students had to attempt walking on a straight yellow line while under the feeling of being drunk. Senior and SADD club member Lisbeth Taveras remarked, “Watching people struggle to walk on the yellow line was the best part!”

Rogelio Franco, the mathematics department chair and the coordinator of this event, states that they “Ended up getting 15 to 20 classes with students from 6th to 12th who all got to wear drunk goggles and feel what it’s like to be impaired with alcohol. They all were having a great time.”

Junior Stephanie Manso explained, “The goggles distorted my vision immensely. So much so, that giving Mr. Franco a high five seemed almost impossible. It really gave you a sense of how scary the effects of alcohol could be.”

The Drunk Truck is meant to serve an educational purpose, warning students to never feel temptation from drugs and alcohol, teaching them the risks and consequences associated with the addicting substances