End of the journey for flag football

flag football 2 (daniela llanes).jpg

By Rafael Llamas
Sports Editor

Even though the team didn’t win any games this season (March-April) flag football Coach CC Bovee has high expectations for next year.

A good portion of the team is made up of seniors so there will be a big change in the roster for next year. Coach CC said, “It was tough but fun this year this past season. It was a pleasure teaching a sport I love so much to eager young ladies. Next year we are coming back strong!”

As the girl’s flag football season comes to an end, the team reflects on their performance and effort, but most importantly are the unique experiences some of the players had, and the sad realization that this was the last season for a lot of the players.

Katelynn Garcia stated, “It was during our senior night when I was able to tell my teammates and coaches how much I appreciate them and how much I’m going to miss them in college.”

This was the third season for this young team, so there is definitely a lot of room for improvement and change. As the school grows bigger so will the team, and as the seasons go, so will the players. For one individual player a goodbye will be extra hard to say.

Senior and captain of the team, Ariana Bocalandro, has been a member for two seasons. Bocalandro said, “After being part of the flag football team for two years, I can say that what I will miss the most of being part of a family that loves football just as much as I do.”

The team might not have had a great season performance wise, but a lot of memories and smiles were shared.



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