The Final Serve


By Sofia Ponce, Melany Freytes and Victoria Gayarre

The Boys Volleyball team, lead by Coach Melissa Lopez, wrapped up their season 7-7, with an impressive performance that got them to district playoffs.

“We made fourth seat in this year’s playoffs losing to ATM (Alonzo and Tracy Mourning High School), who have held the district title for the last six years,” said Lopez.

Lopez explained that the team, with only three seniors, is a young one, but that they proved to be “motivated, disciplined and eager to learn the game of volleyball.” She added that she looks forward to watching the team grow in the next few years.

Junior Jay Brady said, “Our record was positive, and we beat our rival Pace during our senior night when we came back from a 2-0 deficit.”

Senior Angelo Moline-Castro also agreed that the team had a great year. “This is the second year we’ve made it to districts so I think we’ve been getting better and I’m very proud of my team for their hard work this year,” he said.



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