Senior Accepted to Ivy League School

Kevin Vega

Sports Editor

Cornell University has accepted Catalina Ferreira-Dias, senior, to attend after her high school graduation in June.

Catalina is among a group of students at Mater Lakes who received acceptance to ivy league schools this year.

“My four years of high school have been building up to this point. It’s always been a dream of mine to get accepted to Cornell and now it has happened. It’s my prime, this is it” Catalina told The Paw Print.

Cornell was the senior’s number one choice school, but she did not expect to be accepted.

“The day before I was like, I’m not gonna get accepted but that’s okay because life is about more than that” she recalled.

However, when she got her acceptance letter is was a happy surprise. Catalina became teary eyed while recounting the story, but noted that it was not all happy thoughts.

“There was a long application process and I had to write two separate essays, but it was all worth it” she said.

Catalina is a hard working and dedicated student, with excellent grades and a long list of extra curricular achievements. The skills and knowledge attained during her time at Mater Lakes has certainly helped her secure a promising future.

“I’ve wanted to be a vet all my life, and Cornell has the number one vet program in the nation” she remarked.

In light of this outstanding achievement, The Paw Print would like to congratulate Catalina Ferreira-Dias and wish her the best of luck. YOU DID IT!




Farewell Mr. B!

Amanda Milian


Assistant principal Mr. Matthew Bieule has been at Mater Lakes for 11 years, teaching math courses such as Algebra 1 and Algebra 2, and has been an assistant principal for the past three years. At the end of this school year, Mr. Bieule will be bidding a bittersweet farewell to the Bears as he begins his journey as principal at SLAM! Boca Raton, a charter school in West Palm Beach. As the school year comes to a near end, Bieule reminisced on memories he has made, lessons he has learned, and hopes for the future.

As many of us have heard, you will be leaving Mater Lakes at the end of the year. I can imagine it was a tough decision to make, but what prompted you to leave?

“Adfecto. Change. Change in life is necessary in order to grow.”

 Reflecting on your years at Mater Lakes, what has been the most important lesson you have learned?

“There are so many lessons I have learned. Number one, students come first… That it takes a team to build something like Mater Lakes, not one person can do it alone, and the love that is generated here is reflected through all of us.”

 What has been your favorite memory throughout your time here at Mater Lakes?

“So many. I have too many great memories. From us getting the first A in the high school, to having the A’s in middle school, students graduating and teaching, students graduating and going all around the nation, attending these top schools, to working with Rovi, to laughing with Rovi, the office, district championships for boys and girl volleyball and basketball. There are just so many memories, I can’t define one.”

 What are you looking forward to most on your new journey?

“That maybe I can replicate a little little something of what we have done here at Mater Lakes and hopefully I can build something to that magnitude where I go and take a little piece of Bear country with me.”

Do you have anything special to say to the Bear community?

“Mater Lakes, always push for greatness, strive for excellence, and I wish you guys nothing but the very best in the future. I will always be part of Mater Lakes.”



FBLA students advance to nationals


From left, FBLA sponsor Giovanni Lorenzo, freshman Anny Licor (who placed 4th in Electronic Career Portfolio), senior CJ Acevedo (who placed 2nd in Sales Presentation), senior Melissa Machado (who placed 3rd in Organizational Leadership), and team Isabella Santiago, junior, and Kevin Vega, sophomore (who placed 5th in Sports Management). These members will be advancing to the national competition held in Anaheim, California this summer.


Author Ana Menendez Visits MLA

Author holding gift from Ms.Sky

By Ada Inigo
News Editor

On March 30th, Solsiree Skarlinsky’s English students and members of National Honor English Society gathered in the cafeteria to hear a speech and have an open discussion with author Ana Menendez.

The students in Skarlinsky’s class read Ana Menendez’s novel, In Cuba I was a German Shepard earlier this school year.

Menendez opened her speech up by discussing the importance of Latin writers. She encouraged the students to use their personal stories about suffering and loss to clear up misconceptions, which was her goal when writing In Cuba I was a German Shepard. Menendez talked about her travels and life as a source of inspiration for the novel.

She also shared how the novel was originally completely different, but it was not until the current version that was published that she felt the book was “right.”

NEHS sponsor Michelle Alonso said, “It is so important to me that a classroom reflects the lived experiences of the students. This year, students are getting to read multicultural literature that is rich, complex, and not canonical. If you pair this with the fact that they got the chance to meet Ana Menendez (who is one of those brilliant multicultural authors doing away with convention), I would say that this year has been such a stellar success for Mater Lakes English and for the NEHS.”

After the speech, a Menendez held a Q&A session. When asked what inspired her to be a writer, she cited a Rolling Stones documentary that talked about doing what you know and love, and for her, that was telling stories. She discussed what she loves most about telling stories and that it is their power to transform experiences.

Menendez was later asked what inspired the book she is currently working on, in which she talked about her grandmother and other strong women in her family who have shouldered the burden to grant her the privilege she has today.

Everyone in the audience was moved by Menendez’s speech.

“It was cool seeing an author I read in class in real life,” said junior Nannette Esquijarosa.

Skarlinsky, who organized the event, said, “[Ms.Alonzo and I] met her in graduate school and it was kind of her to talk to the kids and showcase that a Hispanic women can be successful writers.”

When  Menendez was asked about her experience about talking to the students of Mater Lakes, she said, “It was one of the most enthusiastic and committed crowds I’ve ever spoken to. I am very grateful for the invitation.”


Top 20% celebrate at Brio

Cum Laude Lunch; asking Martinez for group pic

By Ada Inigo

News Editor

On March 31, Mater Lakes had a celebratory lunch at Brio for the top 20% of the graduating class of 2017. The students enjoyed a complimentary three course meal to celebrate their academic accomplishments.
“The food was delicious!” raved Senior Samantha Hernandez.
“Brio was beautiful; it was the perfect back drop to an amazing meal,” said Senior Liam Idrovo.
A speech was given by principal Rovirosa congratulating and thanking the top bears for continuing to push themselves, and in turn the school, to be the best they can be.

Senior Ana Otero said, “I really appreciated the lunch. It feels nice to be acknowledged for the hard work I put in the past four years.”


The Key to Saving a Life

Epilepsy Workshop.JPG

By Melany Freytes
Features Editor

On March 15, Zee Aleman, the Key Club sponsor, hosted an Epilepsy Awareness workshop at MLA.

Guest speakers told their stories as people who live with epilepsy and how it has and continues to affect their everyday life. Students were taught about the different types of seizures and what to do if you see someone having an epileptic seizure.
Generally, you cannot distinguish a person who suffers from epilepsy from anyone else under normal circumstances. Therefore, it is important to recognize the signs and symptoms of an epileptic seizure as some symptoms can be less noticeable than what one would expect.
Senior Nashya Linares stated, “I appreciated learning about how to handle important situations and intense moments.”
The signs of someone having a seizure vary depending on the type of seizures the person has. At the workshop, two types of seizures were discussed, tonic-clonic (convulsive) seizures and focal (partial) seizures.
“I feel way more prepared know that I know more about epilepsy. I think it is important to spread the word about something that affects so many people,” explained senior Christopher Aguilar.
Senior Susan Zhang followed Aguilar’s statement by saying, “I had no idea that there were different types of epilepsy. I really only knew what I saw on TV.”

Epilepsy awareness is important for everyone because anyone could have an epileptic seizure at any time. According to the Epilepsy Foundation, it is the 4th most common neurological disease in the USA. So in an effort to break down the stigma and discrimination of such a common disease remember to stay informed on what it is and what you can do to help.


Inside the Life of a Ghost


By Sophia Ponce
Staff Writer

On March 10th, Rogelio Franco and his SADD (students against destructive decisions) club took part in their annual ‘ghost out’ celebration to bring attention to the issue of driving under the influence.

The ghost out celebration consists of the club members dressing up as ghosts (powdered white paint on their faces and black clothes) and tombstones around their neck to represent people that have passed away in drinking related car accidents.

That day, club members were only allowed to speak to teachers and other members. Franco dressed up as the grim reaper preparing to ‘take their souls.’

“I have been in SADD club since ninth grade and have participated in the event every year. The stares are a bit embarrassing, but it is a very important cause to demonstrate to others the crucial outcomes that destructive and careless actions can bring,” stated senior Victoria Gayarre.

Franco explained that, “During the day, the grim reaper and the ghosts gather in the cafeteria and parade for the rest of the students.

SADD club member senior Susan Zhang explained, “Everyone needs to be cautious of their choices. Others must understand that it is not only your life being put at risk, but indeed the life of others.”

When spoken to, Franco also mentioned an upcoming event called the ‘AAA Prom-ise’. At this event, the people who are going to attend prom will sign a petition against drinking and driving on prom night. This will be very effective as it can potentially save lives and prevent future rash decisions that turn into tragedy.